5 september 2013

PERSONAL | Update 05/09

Hello dear readers! I am still alive haha! Summer has gone to an end and school's starting again. I had the time of my life in Barcelona and Ibiza. Those are definitely two places what I really want to visit again. I have worked a lot this summer holiday and now after a year of having a full-time job, I'm going back to school! Yay. I am a student again! I have really missed school. I have said that many times to my friends and many people agree, it's much more fun to be a student.. You will get the chance to meet new people and get new opportunities. I study 'Commerciƫle Economie' (Marketing Management) at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. For my introduction, I went to the Ardennes in Belgium with school for three days. My first week was really fun and I am excited for the rest to come. So bring it on! :)

P.S: I am still doubting about blogging more. I have really missed it the last few weeks.. I will try to write more blogposts!

With love, Cindy

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