5 februari 2013


Good morning to all of you! Wow, November was the last time I have wrote a blogpost.. Shame on me. I just haven't got any time to write something. I've been very busy lately. A lot has happened as well. I became 18, my blog exists three years, I quit school and I'm working parttime(almost full sometimes..) at the largest garden centre of Holland which I really like and it gave me so much opportunities! I have learned so much and I'm still learning. One year ago I planned to study and just enjoy the big city, Amsterdam. The study I have done is Media, Information and Communication. Great study and atmosphere but it was too much focussed on media (obviously..) so I decided to stop. In September this year I'm going to study Commercial Economics in Amsterdam because I'm really interested in marketing and sales. I can't wait to go back to school because I have really missed it. It sounds maybe a bit geeky but from everyone I have heard from, who also has quitted school, after a few weeks you will miss young and normal people around you and you just want to focus on your career and future.. So I wouldn't recommend you to quit school because you want to work unless you have no choice. Luckily, everything has worked out for me and I do not regret any of this. I also have the time now to get my drivers licence! So you see, you can not plan everything.

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Eline zei

Ah wat fijn! En zoals je zegt, je kunt inderdaad niet alles plannen, maar gelukkig heeft het allemaal goed uitgepakt. Alvast heel erg veel plezier op je nieuwe opleiding en succes voor je rijexamen! Gaat helemaal lukken! Liefs x

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